What Is PCAP?

PCAP Overview

The Problem

Prenatal alcohol and drug exposure puts children at risk due to:

  • the possible effects of prenatal exposure on their health and development
  • the likelihood of a compromised home environment

The Goals of PCAP

The goals of PCAP are to help mothers with substance use disorders to:

  • build and maintain healthy, independent, alcohol/drug-free lives
  • prevent future births of alcohol and drug exposed children

The PCAP Approach

Pregnant and parenting women are enrolled in PCAP for 3 years. PCAP forms partnerships with and between clients and families and community service providers.

  • PCAP provides clients outreach and engagement, structured goal setting, problem-solving, practical assistance, and consistent role modeling and coaching.
  • PCAP seeks to help community service providers understand how to work more effectively with our clients to insure the mothers and their families receive needed services.